Our Story



In 1986, Chuck Smith had a dream. He wanted to provide professional and affordable flooring to the residents of the AK-Valley. However, when he went to the bank to apply for a business loan to open his shop, they denied him saying it was "too risky."

Instead of feeling defeated, Chuck decided to start selling flooring out of his red pick-up truck to show the banks that he was serious and could make this business work. After two years of selling and installing flooring as a one-man show, he was able to show the banks that he was serious and had what it took. They finally gave him a loan, and he opened his first showroom in downtown Leechburg, Pennsylvania. 

In 2012, Chuck passed away, but Chuck Smith Flooring remains a staple in the Alle-Kiski Valley and is now ran by Chuck's wife, Debbie, who has served as the overall office manager since its' opening in 1986.

Chuck's legacy lives on. We pride ourselves on friendly service, competitive prices, and a professional installation team, many who have been with us since we opened our doors.